Solar system designed for water treatment or desalination

Switzerland’s Trunz Water Systems has developed a modular solar-power system which can supply energy as a stand-alone system or in combination with a Trunz water treatment or desalination plant.

Trunz Solar Power Center is based on the latest developments in photovoltaic technology and incorporates high quality components which work under harshest climatic conditions (heat and high air humidity). Pre-assembled, it can be installed easily, allowing for a fast start up of operation for the whole system.

The photovoltaic range incorporates 13 standard systems. With a direct solar radiation of five hours per day, the smallest system supplies 1.75 kWh, the largest 10.5kWh. Tailor-made systems can be produced at the customer’s request to fit exactly the requirements for each location.

The Solar Power Center is ideal for remote areas, to supply a house, a school, a hospital or a village. To date, over 500 solar systems are already operating in more than 30 countries.