Small and compact ERD for small SWRO units

An energy-recovery device for small seawater reverse-osmosis (SWRO) systems has been launched by Danfoss RO Solutions, manufacturer of APP high-pressure pumps and iSave energy-recovery devices.

The RO-Boost is a pressure amplifier to be used in an RO system to recover energy from the brine flow. The recovered energy is used to pressurize the feed flow enabling the use of a pump with lower pressure rating. Thus it does not only give savings on the investment but also on the energy costs due to lower energy consumption.

The device differs from similar devices on the market by ensuring low ripples and a smoother operation without using a pulsation damper. By adding two pistons more than are used in other devices, the pulsations are minimized and the lifetime of the membrane is increased.

The RO-Boost can produce up to 3,000 L/d at a recovery rate of 13% and is suitable for small RO water-makers where space and energy requirements are a constraint, such as sailing boats and small land-based RO systems.

The small size, compactness and low energy requirements of the RO-Boost makes it a good choice in mobile RO application such as those used in emergency relief areas and military applications.