Sewer-mining distribution deal signed for Canada

Jerusalem-based Applied CleanTech (ACT) has signed a distribution agreement worth US$ 13.5 million with Canadian Sewage Mining Corporation (CSM), under which CSM will be the first to implement a Sewage Recycling System (SRS™) in North America.

CSM will become the exclusive distributor of ACT’s recycling systems in Canada, committing to purchase and install at least five SRS units in Canada within the next five years.

“SRS will transform the existing wastewater treatment process, from sewage treatment to sewage mining,” explained Dr Refael Aharon, ACT CEO and founder. “The SRS traps the cellulose component inherent in wastewater and returns it to the industrial cycle as raw material.

“Sludge formation is reduced by up to 50%, the wastewater treatment plant dramatically reduces its expenses, and the raw material – Recyllose™, is used as a resource for paper, plastic, energy, construction and other industries,” Aharon added.

The SRS process was recently recognized as a patent in the US, along with other patents