San Diego’s IPR demonstration project now has web page

The City of San Diego, which could be the first city in the USA to use indirect potable water reuse for drinking water, has updated the reuse information on its website and added a page for the renamed Water Purification Demonstration Project.

The demonstration project is the second phase of a process evaluating ways for the city to increase its use of recycled water. The first phase was the 2005 Water Reuse Study that identified reservoir augmentation as the preferred option for developing recycled water sources.

The demonstration project will determine if reservoir augmentation is a feasible option for San Diego, using combinations of treatment including microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. Information available includes the findings of the reuse study and a description of the North City Water Reclamation Plant where the project will operate for approximately one year, producing 1 MGD (3,780 m³/d) of purified water.

An overview of the project written a year ago by the National Water Research Institute is also among the site’s resources.


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