Russia sets up water treatment membrane development project

The Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (Rusnano) is to finance a project for producing nanostructured membranes and separation modules for water treatment in various industries.

The project will produce the materials used for membrane filtration and reverse osmosis.

Participants in the project, for which the total budget is estimated at Rouble 1.92 billion (US$ 65 million ) are Rusnano, ZAO STC Vladipor and external financial co-investors. Rusnano will provide the charter capital for the company of Rouble 350 million (US$ 12 million), and also lend the project company Rouble 460 million (US$ 16.5 million).

The project will draw on Vladipor’s 35 years experience of membrane research and development. Its scientific and technical potential in the field of membrane technologies will provide the project company with opportunities for further development, including development of new types of membranes for specific applications.

The project is being implemented in the city of Vladimir. Full completion of the manufacturing company will be in 2012.