A competition to find innovative and sustainable methods of desalination is about to be held again by students and researchers at the Technische Universität München (TUM) in Germany and is looking for sponsors.

The TUM Desal Challenge, which was last held in 2011, was initiated by the Lehrstuhl für Thermodynamik, TUM. The 2013 competition will be launched in October 2012 by TUSun – Students for Sustainable Development, eight students and three research assistants from the thermodynamics faculty.

The group is look to raise around € 50,000 and three levels of sponsorship are available: € 5,000, € 21,000 and € 50.000, which is for total sponsorship of the competition. From this funding, 15 teams will be chosen from the competition to each receive € 1,000 in support of their project. Winners from the last competition included these technologies:

  • Humidification and condensation
  • Parabolic trough with direct evaporation in the absorber pipe
  • Vacuum distillation with manual pump
  • Biomass driven distillation unit
  • The funding will also go towards the TUM DeSal Conference, a desalination conference held in Munich in 2011 for the first time on Desalination Systems with Transient Power Supply.

    Potential sponsors should contact Alexander Kroiss at [email protected], tel: +49 89 289 16237. Details of the 2011 competition are available online.