Repeat UF order in China for inge

Recently introduced T-Rack technology has been successfully used in China by inge watertechnologies GmbH of Germany, using “dizzer” ultrafiltration (UF) modules.

The project was a repeat order from Dalian refinery, which had already been using UF technology since 2005, providing pretreatment for reverse osmosis. This year, the capacity of the plant was increased to a total of 36,500 m³/d.

The T-Rack design has been optimized to provide radical improvements over conventional systems in regard to both the technical and economic aspects of module installation. The dizzer modules are tightly packed together in the T-Rack and are already equipped with pipes, meaning that additional piping is no longer required.

In addition, a T-Rack has a footprint that is 50% smaller than that of a conventional rack, with a conventional system requiring almost 70% more space overall than a T-Rack set-up.

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