develops three new membrane cleaning products

Professional Water Technologies (PWT), the California business unit of H2O Innovation Inc has developed three new membrane cleaners targeting the reverse osmosis (RO) and ultrafiltration/microfiltration (UF/MF) desalination and water treatment membrane markets.

The OptiClean™ line of powder membrane cleaners now includes OptiClean™D, which aims at removing inorganics, particularly iron and manganese, from RO, UF and MF membrane systems.

“OptiClean™D is buffered to reduce pH fluctuation during cleanings and uses powerful chelating and detergency technology to aggressively remove inorganic foulants,” says Ryan Furukawa, PWT’s technical support manager.

PWT has also developed two additional products for its Lavasol™ line of liquid membrane cleaners. Lavasol™VII is a new high-performance alkaline liquid membrane cleaner designed to remove silt, metal precipitants, sugars, and other organics such as oils or greases from RO, UF and MF membrane systems.

Similar to OptiClean™D, Lavasol™VII is a low-foaming formulation with advanced chelating properties. It is also buffered to maintain a consistent pH throughout the cleaning process.

PWT is also releasing Lavasol™VIII, a new alkaline liquid membrane cleaner designed to remove acid insoluble foulants from chlorine-tolerant MF/UF membranes such as those found in a variety of municipal and industrial applications.

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