PWT completes its new membrane antiscalant factory

Canadian membrane treatment company H2O Innovation Inc announced on 14 October 2010 that its California business unit Professional Water Technologies (PWT) had completed the build-out and renovation of its dendrimer antiscalant production facility in Vista, CA.

“The completion of PWT‘s new dendrimer production facility is an exciting new step in our ongoing sustainability and efficiency efforts”, stated Stephen Dunham, PWT’s founder and vice president of after-market consumables at H2O Innovation. “New upgrades to our production facilities enable us to be 15 times more efficient in our dendrimer synthesis and production operations, generating greater economies of scale and quicker turn-around time for our customers.”

Since 1995, PWT produced its line of phosphate-free dendrimer-based antiscalants for the global membrane markets.

“The fact that these products are super-concentrated plays a significant environmental role globally compared to other antiscalants”, commented Coley Ali, PWT’s Technical Director. “As super-concentrates, these products have ten times less packaging waste, they require ten times less transportation, and they are dosed only one tenth as much as PWT’s competitors’ products.”

The new dendrimer synthesis facility boasts a one-of-a-kind dendrimer synthesis reaction vessel operated by redundant computers, compressed-air driven robots and mechanical equipment for efficient and accurate packaging.

“Large orders that may have taken weeks to complete can now be produced in as little as a couple of days,” explained Emil Karas, PWT’s manufacturing and regulatory manager.