Purification plant donation may slow Sri Lankan kidney disease spread

A recently commissioned reverse osmosis water purification plant donated by water treatment company Puritas will help to curb the spread of chronic kidney disease in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka according to the plant owner. Some 400,000 people in the region are understood to be currently affected with the disease.

Puritas built its plant in the village of Maithreepura, Padaviya to provide potable water. the company said the plant will “mitigate the spread of chronic kidney disease and uplift the socio-economic conditions of the people of the region”.

Men between 15 – 60 years old are the most vulnerable to the disease. Studies have been reported to show that providing purified water is key in eliminating it and reversing its effects. This plant will benefit about 1,500 people in the Maithreepura village, the company said.

Chairman of Puritas owner, Hayleys Group, Mohan Pandithage, said “Maithreepura, the third most affected village in the province will now have access to purified water. I am confident that the health of the villagers and their lives as a whole will improve with access to purified drinking water provided through this initiative.”