PureSafe signs sales deal with Global Drinking Water

Leslie Kessler, CEO of PureSafe Water Systems Inc, based in New York state, announced on 2 June 2011 that his company had signed a non-exclusive sales representative agreement with Global Drinking Water Services of Virginia.

PureSafe makes the membrane-based PureSafe™ First Response Water system, which can produce up to 30,000 GPD (4,719 L/h) of drinkable water, serving up to 45,000 people.

Global Drinking Water Services has extensive experience and contacts in the Sudan, Darfur, Southern Kardufan, Blue Nile, Abeyi, Chad, Mauritania, Eritrea and Ethiopia, where they will focus their initial sales efforts. The president of Global Drinking Water Services, Mustafa Izzeldin Mustafa, said, “The PureSafe system has the best combination of features and benefits. The equipment mobility combined with the capability of the treatment train to process virtually any source water makes it the best choice for use in Africa.”

Leslie Kessler, stated, “I am looking forward to a successful working relationship and future sales with Global Drinking Water Services.”

Housed in an aluminium container, the First Response system features a pretreatment train including inbound source strainers, chlorine injection, three Nexsand multimedia tanks with auto backwash, two Centaur carbon media tanks, three 25/1 gradient filters, antiscalant and bio- inhibitor injection all prior to a reverse osmosis (RO) unit.

The RO module contains six 8 in x 40 in seawater membranes in a 3-vessel array. Output varies by source: freshwater – 30,000 GPD (4,719 L/h); brackish – 22,500 GPD (3,539 L/h); and seawater – 15,000 GPD (2,360 L/h).