Pentair launches residential CapDI/RO system

Pentair Inc revealed the first fruits of its investment in Dutch company Voltea BV when it unveiled on 1 October 2011 its new Hybrid Deionization (Hybrid DI) system with CrossCharge technology.

Pentair claims that this is the first electronic water purification system that is practical for residential applications. Hybrid DI systems will be the first to offer consumers the combined benefits of a reverse osmosis (RO) system and a water softener without requiring salt.

The company has exclusively licensed and renamed Voltea’s capacitive deionization (CapDI) technology for residential and light commercial applications for point-of-entry products. As explained in D&WR (May/June 2011), the technology uses capacitive electrodes to remove hardness and purify water without employing salt.

The renamed CrossCharge technology within the Hybrid DI system is driven by a Pentair developed, advanced micro-controller using an array of sensors to monitor and manage all system and water quality parameters in real time. The technology continuously assesses the inlet and treated water quality, controls the power supplied to the stack, and adjusts operating cycles and system flows to continuously optimize performance.
The controller includes self-diagnostics and auto clean cycles. It also features a full-color touch screen user interface with animated “User” displays that are intuitive for the everyday user/homeowner and interactive “Technical” screens for system maintenance providers.

Pentair’s vice president for technology, Phil Rolchigo, hailed the product’s launch as an important milestone for the global corporation.

“Being first to market with this innovative technology is an excellent illustration of Pentair’s ongoing leadership position in the water treatment industry,” he said. “Our CrossCharge technology is convenient, green and delivers clearly appreciable consumer benefits.”

The Hybrid DI system is expected to become available in consumer products in 2012.