Parkson breaks new ground with Saudi MBR plant

A 2,000 m³/d wastewater-reuse plant based on membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology has just been commissioned in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia, by Florida-based Parkson.

This private project, which can handle a maximum wastewater flow of 9,000 m³/d, has enabled Parkson to demonstrate its ability to design an entire treatment plant and assimilate a full suite of processes and technologies that extend well beyond its own traditional offerings.

Parkson provided initial design responsibilities for the project which includes grit removal and screening, balancing tanks, denitrification, fine-bubble aeration, submerged hollow-fiber MBRs and a permeate wet well. The plant, with complete built-in redundancy, includes extensive process controls and 100% monitoring capabilities.

The MBR plant will need to remove 96-99% of the incoming BOD and be able to operate in an environment which can reach 50°C.

In addition to overseeing the plant installation and start-up, Parkson will operate the facility under a six month operation and maintenance contract, with the possibility of longer-term operational responsibilities. The wastewater treatment plant will serve the residents of the large residential community that supports the regional Petro-Rabigh oil refinery, and at least 70% of the reused water will be used for landscaping irrigation throughout the residential community.