On demand webinar: Renewable energy for desalination impact on carbon footprint and costs

speakers include:

Neil Palmer, Chief Executive Officer, National Centre of Excellence in Desalination Australia

Dr. Corrado Sommariva  Managing Director of ILF Consulting Engineers Middle East, and Past President of the International Desalination Association (IDA).

Dr Guillermo Zaragoza, Plataforma Solar de Almería

Olivier Ceberio, COO and CO-founder, Resolute Marine Energy

Learn from our international panel of experts who will explore:

  • How the carbon footprint of desalination processes can be reduced by replacing fossil fuels with renewables
  • The drivers and business case for the adoption of renewables
  • Technologies that are available for both large and small scale applications
  • Common challenges and how these can be overcome

The event will focus on the various forms of renewable energy including solar power, in which research and development is most advanced.  The symposium will also explore the use of wind and wave power, waste heat and geothermal energy.  Our panel of speakers will draw on an extensive series of case studies to demonstrate and illustrate application and best practices.

This online symposium is presented in partnership with the IDA Desalination Academy, enabling participants to learn from and interact with some of the world’s leading desalination experts – delivering  the value of a physical event in a convenient and time efficient format.

The event will include a series of informative PowerPoint slides along with audio explanation from the speaker. Live discussion follows each presentation, and speakers will respond to questions submitted by participants.  The symposium will be recorded and available for viewing on demand.