Oil and gas player commissions produced water treatment plant

Encana Oil and Gas has designed and commissioned a reverse osmosis (RO) desalination plant to treat produced water from its oil sand wells in the Moneta Divide, Wyoming. It has since sold the plant along with all its Moneta Divide assets to Aethon Energy.

The Neptune Water Treatment Plant has the capacity to treat 4,000 m3/d) of produced water, from some of the company’s 300 wells operating in the Moneta Divide tight sands play.

GE Water & Process Technologies provided sand filters and the RO system with membranes from Dow Water and Process Solutions which provided also ion exchange resin and its Optipore hydrocarbon adsorbent.

GE said the system will handle feedwater total dissolved solids (TDS) at 7,500 mg/l to 13,500 mg/l with total suspended solids (TSS) at 10 mg/l to 500 mg/l to provide a 90% recovery. Treated water with a TDS below 250 mg/l is reused in the filed while the rest is piped to the Boysen reservoir.