Oceanside rejects direct Carlsbad water deal

Oceanside City Council in southern California rejected on 7 November 2012 the direct purchase of water from the proposed Carlsbad desalination plant, even though it would show savings over a 30‑year contract.

A staff report prepared by Cari Dale, city water utilities director, told the council that benefits available from a deal with the Carlsbad plant’s owners, Poseidon Resources, could also be achieved to a greater extent by full implementation of Oceanside’s own local water supply projects.

The report quoted the cost of direct purchase from Poseidon as US$ 2,377 per acre foot (1,234 m³) compared with US$ 1,777, if the water was bought through the San Diego Water Authority, which has already agreed a water purchase agreement.

The director said that the completion of future projects, such as Oceanside’s own desalination plant and the expansion of recycled water, would meet the city’s goal of producing 50% of the city’s water supplies locally by 2030.