Oasys opens new office in Dubai

Forward osmosis specialist, Oasys Water, recently opened a new office in Dubai to bring on “industrial water treatment innovations in the Middle East.”

“The Middle East, and the GCC region specifically, emerged as a natural choice given the increasing water challenges faced by the oil and gas sector, which, alongside growth in broader industrialization, combine to exert massive stress on scarce water resources in the region,” said Oasys chief executive officer, Jim Mathieson.

Oasys has appointed “veteran in the water industry” Sada Krishnan as director of Middle Eastern business development and general manager for the Dubai office. “Krishnan will be tasked with expanding Oasys Water’s presence in the Middle East and enabling the company to support the unique water treatment needs in the region,” according to Oasys.

Oil price pressures are creating a need for oil and gas firms to implement water recovery and reuse projects to bring down operating costs and boost income. Oasys said sub-$30 crude oil prices, create strong and growing demand for new technologies to increase water recovery and help manage growing volumes of complex produced water.

The company said the region’s drive to diversify its industrial base is adding pressure on water supply security. And it said wastewater discharge constraints were putting pressure on companies to implement water reuse to balance economic growth with “ever-worsening water scarcity” issues.

“Oasys Water focuses on an area in the Middle East where new solutions, incorporating energy savings, capital cost and performance improvement are in high demand,” director of marketing at Oasys Water, John Tracy, recently told regional newspaper, Gulf News Journal.

He was reported to have described as “perfect sense” for Oasys to expand in the region given its intensity of water scarcity and industrial expansion.