Nuverra/Haliburton accord on produced-water treatment

Nuverra Environmental Solutions Inc, which until mid-May 2013 was known as Heckmann Corporation, announced on 15 July 2013 that it has entered into an agreement with Halliburton to advance the treatment and recycling of produced water to be reused in the hydraulic fracturing process.

To date, Halliburton has completed more than 60 wells and 280 fracturing stages in the Permian and Bakken shales using its H20 ForwardSM Service, which significantly reduces the amount of fresh water required in hydraulic fracturing.

“We will be working closely with Halliburton in the Bakken Shale to utilize their H20 Forward Service for water reuse and recycling,” said Mark D Johnsrud, Nuverra’s CEO. “We believe this agreement will further expand our full-cycle, closed-loop environmental solutions package.”

H20 Forward Service allows customers to recycle waste streams of produced water for use in well completions. The service formulates stable fracture fluids that have the ability to work with any waste stream, including water containing total dissolved solids with values as high as 285,000 ppm, for use in hydraulic fracturing operations.

Nuverra and Halliburton will work together in the Bakken Shale area to offer the H20 Forward Service to exploration and production companies. For hydraulic fracturing operations conducted by Halliburton using its service, Nuverra will provide the logistics, transportation, storage and overall fluid management.