A deadline of 15 November 2011 has been set for the receipt of abstracts for the Water Convention at the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) in July 2012.

As one of the flagship programmes of the SIWW 2012, the Water Convention is jointly organised by PUB, Singapore’s national water agency, and the International Water Association. The theme for the SIWW 2012 is Water Solutions for Liveable and Sustainable Cities.

In line with the overall theme, the Water Convention will provide a platform for water professionals to share experiences, in particular, case studies and practical applications, that showcase technological solutions and/or management strategies which improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water and wastewater systems.

It will also examine issues related to urban water planning and water quality and health in the following Convention themes:

Theme 1: Delivering Water from Source to Tap
Theme 2: Effective and Efficient Wastewater Management
Theme 3: Planning for Sustainable Water Solutions
Theme 4: Water Quality & Health

Details can be found on the SIWW website http://www.siww.com.sg/abstract- submission-procedures

Enquiries should be emailed to the Water Convention Secretariat at [email protected].