Norit UF membranes for Swedish water treatment

A surface-water treatment plant that will be used to supply Göteborg, Sweden’s second largest city, is to use ultrafiltration (UF) technology supplied by Norit X-Flow of the Netherlands.

The three-phase project, which will supply around 500,000 consumers using surface and river water from the Göta river, is designed to increase water production and meet high quality standards.

Norit X-Flow has partnered with Swedish contractor Purac for this project. Phase 1 will produce 1,800 m³/hr by 2013; Phase 2: 3,600 m³/hr in 2015; and Phase 3: 7,000 m³/hr in 2017.

In Phase 1, a UF plant will be installed in an existing water production plant, which will include four Norit X-flow skids, each equipped with 36 pressure vessels containing XIGA UF membranes. By the end of Phase 3, 16 skids will be installed. In the treatment process, surface water is coagulated and, after settling, is sent through granular activated carbon (GAC) filters. The output from the GAC filters is transferred through the UF system.

The UF membranes remove all fine silt and turbidity and will create a hygienic barrier for bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms. The XIGA configuration consists of multiple membranes installed in horizontal pressure housings.