Nirosoft hooks up with Nubian in Australia

Membrane system supplier Nirosoft, an RWL Water Group company, announced on 7 May 2013 a partnership with Nubian Water Systems of Australia enabling them to provide complete end‑to‑end sustainable water solutions in Australia.

The announcement was made at the Australian Water Association’s OzWater conference in Perth, Australia.

Nubian now claims to be the only company in Australia to provide total water solutions for all urban and commercial requirements. With the Nirosoft partnership, Nubian can now take water from its source, optimise its value through recycling and see it through to its environmentally sustainable discharge.

For Nirosoft, the Nubian partnership is a strategic move to penetrate the Australian water market better. Founded in Israel, Nirosoft has operations throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America offering state‑of‑the‑art membrane technology to create ultra‑pure water.

“Nubian appreciates the introduction to Nirosoft through an initiative provided by the Australia‑Israel Chamber of Commerce,” commented Gary Zamel, Nubian’s executive chairman. “The initiative is designed to improve trade links between Israeli and Australian companies.”