New York PSC delays Haverstraw desalination to 2020

The proposed Haverstraw desalination plant on the Hudson river in New York state, USA, has been put on hold until at least 2020 by the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC).

The delay to the 7.5 MGD (28,400 m³/d) plant (expandable to twice that size), which has been proposed by United Water New York (UWNY), follows a vigorous local campaign against the plant in Rockland County.

A PSC staff report presented to a commission meeting on 24 May 2014 included a reassessment of water demand in the light of Rockland assertions that conservation, new groundwater and leak repairs could cover the deficit that the desalination plant was intended to cover.

“Based on our updated analysis, the longer term trend indicates a rising demand that places significant upward pressure on the need for an additional supply need date of approximately 2020,” the report stated.

However, while delaying the project, the PSC urged UWNY to continue its progress on obtaining permits for the plant, although construction of the project will only proceed if specific conditions relating to demand are met.