New Produced Water Research Centre holds first event

Australia’s new Produced Water Research Centre (PWRC) is to hold a workshop on Saline Effluents at the centre at Sydney’s Macquarie University in early October 2012.

Sustainable management of saline effluent is a major operational and environmental challenge, particularly for industries faced with large volumes of produced water such as mining and unconventional gas production.

The vision of the PWRC, which opened in April 2012, is to:

  • Build national capacity in the science, knowledge and impacts of produced water
  • Develop, advise and train professionals to understand, predict and mitigate the impacts of produced water
  • Inform management decisions to understand, predict and mitigate the impacts of water production and use.
  • The 1½-day workshop on 8‑9 October 2012 will guide participants through best practices for sampling design, analysis, interpretation and classification of saline effluents generated in energy, water, resources and food industries. It will also provide a forum to discuss how such practices can help in developing water quality signatures for a better understanding of temporal and spatial variation in water quality parameters.

    Further information on the PWRC, its research activities and the workshop are available on the centre’s website.