New licensee for membrane stormwater filter

Humes Water Solutions of Queensland, Australia, has become a licensee of the Jellyfish ® Stormwater Filter made by Imbrium™ International of the USA and Canada.

Humes, a longstanding licensee of Imbrium’s Stormceptor® oil and sediment separator technology HumeCeptor®, has expanded its product offering to include the innovative filter. The agreement grants Humes the exclusive right to manufacture, sell and distribute Imbrium’s Jellyfish technology for stormwater treatment throughout Australia.

“This is a natural fit for both organizations. We are excited to expand our relationship with Humes Water Solutions and technology offering,” said Scott Perry, managing director of Imbrium. “Imbrium recently received Jellyfish verification from New Jersey Center for Advanced Technology, validating the superior field-tested performance and technology advantages in comparison to other stormwater filtration products.”

The Jellyfish Filter has been proven to remove more than 85% total suspended solids, 60% total phosphorus, 50% total nitrogen, high levels of metals and sediment particles as small as 2 microns. This is a compact technology, which uses a high treatment flow-rate membrane to capture a significant pollutant load, with low-cost maintenance requirements.

The filtration tentacle membranes provide a large amount of surface area, resulting in superior flow capacity and suspended sediment removal capacity. A typical Jellyfish cartridge with eleven 54-in (1372 mm) long filtration tentacles has 381 ft² (35.4 m²) of membrane surface area.

Hydraulic testing on a clean 54-in (1,372 mm) filter cartridge has demonstrated a flow rate of 180 gpm (11.3 L/s) at 18 in (457 mm) of driving head. Jellyfish cartridges are passively backwashed automatically after each storm event, which removes accumulated sediment from the membranes and significantly extends the service life of the cartridges and the maintenance interval.