Nanostone Water has introduced a new ultrafiltration ceramic membrane that represents a step forward in product performance and total cost of ownership.

The performance of the CM-151 membrane has been verified through field trials in the US and China, at sites handling municipal and industrial water and wastewater reuse.

Improvements to product design and more automation in the manufacturing process “enabled us to bring to market the CM-151 with 20 per cent more surface area, and better system economics, offering lower total cost of ownership compared to polymeric membranes,” said Nanostone vice president of global marketing, Stanton Smith.

“Studies strongly indicate that the market is ready to adopt ceramic membranes if the economics make sense. Nanostone’s CM-151 represents a significant improvement in economics, and brings to market a true ultrafiltration ceramic membrane,” said Smith. The new membrane is made in Nanostone’s new manufacturing facility in Germany.

CM-151 is certified to NSF-61 standards, and Nanostone anticipates NSF-419 certification later in 2017. The new membrane’s process design is compatible with open platform ultrafiltration skid packages in the marketplace, enabling adoptions and retrofits.