Monsoon filter launched for small seawater systems

A self-cleaning filtration system for small reverse-osmosis (RO) desalination systems that can remove 99.9% of particles >20 microns from seawater has been introduced by H2O Inc of Lafayette, USA.

Available only through H2O, the Monsoon is a compact, lightweight, self-cleaning filtration package that replaces all large, heavy multimedia filters currently used for seawater filtration, says H2O Inc president Jess Fike.

“Our Monsoon filter is a revolution in self-cleaning filtration technology and ideal for use with seawater or other corrosives because it is constructed with high alloy and fiberglass,” said Fike. “Our RO systems require less maintenance than any other system using this technology, and now we can operate in shallow or turbid water, where other systems cannot.”

H2O Inc systems treat 2,000‑125,000 GPD (7.5-473 m³/d).

The Monsoon does not require regular filter changes or maintenance, all while filtering much finer particles without complex control systems like other self-cleaning filters on the market. It is a fraction of the size and weight of standard self‑cleaning filters and can also be used in concentration mode to dewater.