Modular evaporator released for oil sands market

Aquatech International unveiled its SmartMod™ modular evaporator technology for the oil sands market at the 2012 Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Canada, on 12‑14 June 2012.

Flexible and redeployable, SmartMod is claimed by Aquatech to be the evaporator system with the lowest capital-expenditure and life-cycle cost available today. It utilizes vertical-tube falling-film evaporator design, a proven technology for treating difficult produced water sources.

Benefits of SmartMod over conventional evaporator systems include 10% lower power consumption. Its multiple-section design ensures ASME distillate quality, and on-line washing allows for continuous distillate production at >70% of design capacity during washing.

SmartMod is also engineered to minimize field installation labor and costs. With its dramatically reduced center of mass and evaporator weight, the SmartMod module and vessels eliminate the need for building a large evaporator building or expensive foundation labor and materials. Its innovative design also reduces freight costs for transportation of the complete system to site.

“We see a bright future with SmartMod in the oil sands market and believe that this technology will further expand our already successful global footprint in produced water treatment,” said Alan R Daza, vice president of sales and business development for Aquatech.