Mobile desalter starts up in Cyprus

The 20,000 m³/d mobile desalination plant providing a partial solution to the serious water shortage problems of the city of Limassol, Cyprus, and its surrounding areas became operational during w/e 20 December 2008.

The plant, located in the Moni area west of Limassol, is being built by Silnir Cyprus, a joint venture between Subsea Infrastructure, UK, and Nirosoft Industries, Israel, under a build-own-operate-remove contract signed in February 2008. It will be operated for three years until a permanent plant can be completed in Episkopi Bay.

The reverse-osmosis system will have ultrafiltration pretreatment and remineralisation of the treated water by calcite filters.

The desalinated water will be sold to Limassol Water Board for € 1.38/m³.