Microwave UV system launched by Severn Trent

Pennsylvania-based Severn Trent Services has launched the MicroDynamics® Series OCS721, a new microwave-powered, open channel, ultraviolet (UV) system for municipal wastewater disinfection and water reuse applications.

The product offers greater operating cost savings, lower whole-life cost and long lamp-life in a smaller footprint. Modules can be placed side by side in channels for design flexibility and to reduce civil works requirements.

The system has been validated by National Water Research Institute for water reuse.

The MicroDynamics OCS721 system meets dose, log reduction and water quality requirements for a variety of applications. The technology uses microwaves to energize low-pressure, high-output, electrodeless lamps to generate a UVC output of 254 nm, an optimal wave length for bacterial disinfection. The lamps also include a three-year warranty.

The system features MicroPace™ ― a flow pacing technology that can match UV dose.

“This unique feature allows for reliable and accurate control of operating conditions in real time to save energy,” said Stan Shmia, UV product manager at Severn Trent Services. “MicroDynamics OCS721 represents a significant advancement in UV lamp technology. Costly lamp maintenance and replacement are now things of the past.”

Microwave-powered UV lamps do not have electrodes and remove the major failure mechanism found in traditional UV lamp technology. Severn Trent Services offers systems in open-channel designs for the UV disinfection of wastewater or closed vessel designs as an ideal solution for both wastewater and drinking water treatment.