Membrane and desalination research reports published by NWRI

Short progress reports on the status of membrane and desalination research projects funded under the US National Water Research Institute’s graduate fellowship scheme for 2008-2009 have been published on the NWRI website.

Of most interest to D&WR readers will be those on:

  • Enzyme-Enhanced Membrane Bioreactors: Upgrading Wastewater Treatment For Reuse, Hector A Garcia, University of Texas at Austin;
  • Development Of A Novel Polymer Membrane with Uniform, Sub-1-Nanometer Pores For Desalination, Evan Hatakeyama, University of Colorado at Boulder;
  • Improving The Recovery Of Reverse Osmosis Desalination By Electrodialysis, Shane Walker, University of Texas at Austin.
  • These were all part of the 2008-9 programme, but details are also on the site of work from the previous year including development of biomimetic membranes and of fouling/scaling-resistant surface nano-structured polyamide RO/NF membranes.