MEDRC announces solar desalination course

The Middle East Desalination Research Center is to hold a course on Solar Desalination in October 2013 at its Muscat, Oman, training facility.

The general purpose of this 3‑day intensive course on 6-8 October 2013 is to provide experts, professionals and postgraduate students from all around the world with the latest knowledge of the different existing technologies involving the use of solar energy to drive desalination techniques.

More specifically, the course will instruct scientists and technicians on the basic principles of desalination using solar energy, the state of the art of the most promising technologies and the experiences acquired so far.

The course will be given directed Dr Ing Julián Blanco, head of environmental applications of solar energy unit of CIEMAT, the Spanish solar-energy center, and operating agent of SolarPACES Task VI (Solar Energy and Water Processes and Applications). He will be assisted by Dr Diego-César Alarcón-Padilla, a
 researcher with extensive experience in European research and development projects related to combining solar thermal energy with desalination processes.

Information: tel: +968 24415500; email: [email protected] or on the MEDRC website .