MBR system to be installed in Versailles

Koch Membrane Systems (KMS) has been selected by OTV France SNC (Veolia Group) to provide Puron® membrane bioreactor (MBR) modules for the wastewater treatment plant at Carré de Reunion in France’s Versailles region. The project will upgrade and expand the capacity of the existing conventional wastewater treatment plant.

The project is adjacent to the Palace of Versailles gardens and is owned by Le Syndicat Mixte d’Assainissement de la Région Ouest de Versailles. The treated wastewater will be discharged into the small Ru de Gally stream, a tributary of the river Seine, which has its source in the palace gardens.

The plant is designed for an annual average flow of 43,500 m³/d, with peaks up to 6,000 m³/hour. The upgrade of the existing conventional wastewater treatment plant with MBR technology will allow it to achieve effluent quality requirements to meet future legal requirements of the European Community.

The Puron membrane modules delivery is scheduled for end of 2012/early 2013; start-up will be in 2013. The treatment plant will be KMS’s largest MBR project in Europe.