Mantec filtration rebranding completed

UK-based Mantec, which makes ceramic filters and microfiltration membranes, has finished the rollout of its company name to all its products previously marketed under the old company name of Fairey Filtration.

Mantec’s aeration/diffusion tubes were recently specified for a major municipal water plant by Envicon, a German company based in Dinslaken, which took delivery of 4,480 750mm-long ceramic tubes.

Mantec produces Pyrolith and Coralith dead-end filtration tubes, Star-Sep membranes and Puremet filters. All these tradenames are carried forward and continue to be strongly recognised as market leaders and brands of excellence.

“It was a logical move to bring Fairey Filtration fully into the Mantec family,” commented Andy Frost, Mantec’s project engineer. “Mantec is now a name synonymous with the smart development and exploitation of technical ceramics and the former Fairey Filtration range of products fits this description perfectly.”

For many demanding applications, these products regularly outperform competitive systems and alternative approaches. A variety of difficult problems have been overcome by using these proprietary porous ceramic media – superior materials that are chemically inert, safe, stable and which can also withstand in-process temperatures up to 900°C.

Repeatable quality and a very high degree of reliability have also led to many orders from the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

The tubes supplied to Germany are among the longest generally manufactured by Mantec – internal diameters are routinely offered between 13 mm and 40 mm and with outside diameters of 29-70 mm. Pyrolith tubes have a chemical composition featuring 57% silica/36% alumina while the Coralith tubes are 10% silica/85% alumina.

Both types have strong resistance to both acids and alkalis and can operate with optimum performance in the presence of hot gases up to 900°C. This makes them ideal for projects which demand consistent results in harsh environments.

Where crossflows are encountered, then Mantec’s Star-Sep membrane technology comes into play. Star-Sep membrane filters have been specifically developed for high efficiency crossflow microfiltration.

The filter channel’s unique ‘star’ form increases the filtration area and induces turbulence at lower crossflow velocities. Not only does this lower the volume compared with a circular channel of the same diameter, but also results in a reduction of the pumping energy requirement. The cost effectiveness of the process is therefore substantially improved.

Latest generation Star-Sep filters feature 19 channels by 1,200 mm and the proprietary star design results in a five-fold increase in filtration surface area.