Low-cost RO system aimed at European industries

A low-cost reverse-osmosis (RO) system for industrial applications was launched onto the European market by Siemens Industry Automation Division on 17 April 2012.

The Vantage M83 RO system uses energy-efficient components combined with flexible modes of operation, contribute to minimizing operating costs.

Designed for applications in such fields as food and beverage, power, microelectronics and solar industries, the Vantage M83 is compact, requiring a footprint of just 82.5 x 429.5 cm with a height of 237.8 cm, which allows it to fit through standard doorways of industrial buildings.

The system can be used for the production of process and boiler feed water as well as for wastewater and process water recycling. Key factors influencing its low total cost of ownership include low energy consumption by utilizing variable frequency drive (VFD) controlled feed pumps, resulting in potential energy savings of 15-60% compared with conventional in-line-starter controlled pumps.

Further benefits include enhanced water recovery and a streamlined chemical cleaning process. Unnecessary water consumption can be avoided by modifying system settings during startup, standby, and shutdown conditions that reduce waste without jeopardizing product water quality.

The system offers simple commissioning and user-friendly touchscreen controls with operational trending displays for monitoring system performance.

In Europe, three models are available: Economy, Deluxe and Select. Each unit is a single-pass RO system mounted on an industrial-coated structural-steel frame or a stainless-steel frame for the Select package.

The RO unit includes a cartridge filter, high-pressure feed pump, glassfiber-reinforced plastic side-entry pressure vessels and spiral-wound thin-film-composite RO membranes.

The Deluxe and Select models include a VFD-controlled feed pump to save energy with flexible flow demand and an integrated clean-in-place system to facilitate ease of cleaning without additional equipment. The M83’s components are designed in such a way to provide easy access for servicing, maintenance, and monitoring system performance.

Vantage medium-pressure membranes are provided as standard for ease of maintenance. Optional Vantage low-pressure membranes are offered to provide energy savings for cold water applications.

The systems are pre-engineered and pre-assembled to help minimize installation and startup costs. They are fully tested at the factory, require simple utility connections and, with minor setup and adjustment, are ready for immediate on-line service.