Larger Pearson Pump includes energy recovery

A new 20 gpm (75 L/min) version of the Pearson Pump has been introduced by Spectra Watermakers Inc, manufacturer of small-scale reverse-osmosis (RO) desalination systems and energy-recovery pumps.

The SP-20 Pearson Pump combines feedwater pumping and energy recovery into a single unit, recapturing up to 80% of the energy wasted in a conventional system.

This evolutionary design dramatically increases the efficiency of a desalination system, bringing energy requirements down to an impressive 8 Watt Hours per Gallon (2.1 kW per 1000L), a major improvement for seawater desalination.

The SP-20 is based on the proven SP-5 Pearson Pump that has been used in the field for over two years in places like Afghanistan, Dubai, Australia, Venezuela, Iraq, the South Pacific and Chile. After two years of extensive lab testing, the SP-20 will be in field-testing applications by early 2011.

Spectra Watermakers has been a long-time leader in energy-recovery systems for the small-scale RO desalination in the marine industry. After developing the revolutionary Clark Pump in the 1990s, Spectra has continued to improve, design and manufacture some of the world’s most energy efficient desalination equipment.

The energy efficiency allows Spectra to build superior quality equipment using solar and wind power to drive many of their products, like the Solar Cube, which currently produces up to 3,000 GPD (11,355 L/d) with the SP-5 Pearson Pump. The development of the new SP-20 Spectra Pearson Pump will enable Spectra to increase the output of desalinated water by 30% in many of their existing products, while also reducing their energy requirements.

Spectra Watermakers manufactures a full product line that includes solar and wind-powered land-based desalination units, which are now being used for military, disaster relief, village level water supply, small eco-resort and remote home applications. The introduction of their new SP-20 Pearson Pump adds even more water production for less energy as part of the solution.