Larger desalination Pressure Exchanger launched by ERI

The largest PX Pressure Exchanger to date was launched on 30 July 2009 by Energy Recovery Inc, the California-based manufacture of energy-recovery equipment for desalination plants.

The PX-300 dramatically reduces energy usage and associated costs for seawater desalination plants, handling flow rates of 300 gallons per minute (68 m³/h) per device. The modular, standardized design allows the PX-300 to be used in the world’s largest desalination plants.

Built on the same engineering principles as ERI’s standard PX product family – including the PX-220/260 – the PX-300 device is being marketed as a highly efficient, scalable solution for mid-size and large desalination plants that need premium performance in a larger device. In addition, the PX-300 features the latest side-port housing technology to provide better unit performance and enhanced corrosion resistance.

The PX-300 operates at up to 98% efficiency, and its performance will not decrease over time. The new product also achieves a significant reduction in mixing compared with the PX-220 and PX-260, enhancing desalination system performance and improving efficiency by reducing membrane feed pressure.

The overall footprint associated with installing a PX-300 is six times smaller than competing isobaric-device installations, saving valuable plant floor space. The PX-300 unit also weighs just over 80 kg and does not require any special foundation or other support structure, helping to minimize the overall footprint and installation cost of a desalination plant.

In most other features, the PX-300 resembles its predecessors. ERI stresses that this device is not the Titan unit previously announced. This is now in Beta testing and is “doing well” says the company.

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