Lanxess launches condensate polishing design software

Specialty chemicals company, Lanxess, has unveiled a new condensate polishing module for its LewaPlus design software.

“This new module will enable us to design condensate polishing more reliably and precisely, especially in power plants,” said company technical marketing manager, Hans-Jürgen Wedemeyer.

The LewaPlus software can be downloaded free of charge at Lanxess’ website.
The software can provide “an extremely high level of corrosion protection for the plant with maximum cost-effectiveness” according to Lanxess. It enables the operator to coordinate pH value, the concentration of the alkalizing agent, and the capacities of the mixed-bed and upstream low-bed cation exchangers “at the push of a button or even the click of a mouse.”

The software models hydrogen / hydroxyl cycles in the presence of alkalizing reagents, ammonia, ethanolamine or morpholine. It takes account of the alkali dissociation characteristics and – “uniquely” – their characteristic influences on the capacity of cation exchange resins used the company said.

“We determined and verified the parameters needed for these calculations ourselves in extensive laboratory tests, so we have access to an extremely reliable practical database,” said Wedemeyer.