KSB Salino pressure centre is “world first” combination

Pump manufacturer, KSB, has claimed its recently launched pressure centre for reverse osmosis (RO) systems is a world first in combining four main components into a single, RO system.

The company said its Salino system brings together a high-pressure pump, an energy recovery device, a booster pump, and an electric motor. The design’s space-saving capacity make the it “ideal for decentralised use in small- and medium-sized containerised systems,’ the company said.

The Salino pressure centre’s small number of individual components keeps investment and maintenance expenses low, and users will see reduced operating costs due to efficiency gains arising from the system’s integrated energy recovery according to KSB.

KSB said the device’s “plug-and-desalt” design makes installation straightforward and fast. And its oil-free, water-based lubrication and proven axial piston technology make it one of the most reliable, safe, technologically advanced, and environmentally friendly desalination systems on the market today KSB said.