KSB pressure center to be shown first at IDA congress

German pump-maker KSB AG announced on 14 June 2013 that its new Salino ® Pressure Center for smaller reverse-osmosis (RO) desalination and water treatment systems will go on show for the first time at the IDA Congress at Tianjin, China, (20‑25 October 2013).

The Salino Pressure Center consists of an axial piston pump and an axial piston motor, arranged on a common shaft. Driven by the diaphragm return flow, the axial piston motor transfers its power directly to the pump shaft.

Three functions are fulfilled by one and the same unit: creating high pressure, compensating pressure losses and recovering energy. There is no need for a separate booster pump, and the entire system runs on a single electric motor and frequency inverter.

By removing the need for a separate booster pump and motor, the number of components associated with other types of systems is reduced and energy savings of up to 75% are made compared with systems that do not use an integral energy-recovery device, says KSB. Because there is no fluid exchange between the brine and the feed water, energy-consuming mixing is avoided.

The Salino is designed for RO systems with a capacity of up to 480 m³/d. The electric drive has a rating of 29 kW, and all components are resistant to seawater and dimensioned for low life-cycle costs.

Fluctuating salt content in the seawater can be coped with using the integrated control system. In recent tests, the new compact unit desalinated 1 m³ of seawater with a salt content of 35,000 ppm at a power input of approximately 2 kW/h.

KSB has developed the Salino specifically to address the growing international demand for containerized desalination plants for requirements of below 1,000 m³/d. According to KSB’s research and information available from the International Desalination Association and Global Water Intelligence, the forecast market value for containerized desalination plants in 2013 will be US$ 830 million and the annual growth rate has been estimated at 15%.

“The global market for containerized desalination plant is fragmented and obtaining accurate data is difficult”, comments Wojciech Golembiewski, project manager Salino, KSB. “The markets that we have identified as offering great potential for this type of technology include tourism, industry in emerging countries, maritime, military and agriculture.”