Koch UF line aims to deal with high-solids water

A new ultrafiltration (UF) product line for high-solids water and wastewater applications has been launched by Koch Membrane Systems Inc (KMS).

The MegaPure™ hollow-fiber system features an advanced cartridge design for better solids management and a virtually unbreakable reinforced hollow-fiber for superior reliability.

With an average continuous solids tolerance of up to 250 mg/L, KMS says that the MegaPure system is an ideal solution for high solids applications such as surface water treatment, high total-organic-carbon water treatment, reverse‑osmosis pretreatment and tertiary wastewater treatment.

The MegaPure UF system features a unique single-potting cartridge design, which allows air scouring to penetrate the fibre bundle more completely and release accumulated solids to the bottom where they are easily drained away. The cartridge employs the same virtually unbreakable reinforced fibre made popular by KMS’s proven Puron® submerged hollow-fiber product line.

“The combination of our durable reinforced hollow fibres and this unique single- potted cartridge configuration makes the MegaPure cartridge an unparalleled solution for high solids water treatment,” said Manny Singh, KMS senior vice president of technology. “The engineering embodied in the MegaPure design strikes an effective balance between reliable, efficient performance and high quality output.”