Keppel in US$ 46 million water-reuse JV in Tianjin

Keppel Integrated Engineering (KIE) signed a joint-venture agreement with Tianjin Eco-City Investment & Development Co (TECID) on 17 April 2011 to pursue the building, owning and operation of a water reclamation plant in the Eco-City.

The Keppel Group is leading a Singapore consortium in a 50/50 joint venture with a Chinese consortium led by Tianjin TEDA Investment Holding Co to develop the Tianjin Eco-City.

The joint venture company for the water reclamation plant will be 40% held by KIE and 60% held by TECID, with a total investment value of RMB 300 million (US$ 46 million). The proposed water reclamation plant will include a wastewater effluent polishing unit with capacity of 100,000 m³/d and a water recycling facility that will produce 20,000 m³/d of recycled water initially, which would be increased to 42,000 m³/d.

The water reclamation plant will serve the entire Tianjin Eco-City, upgrading treated wastewater effluent from an existing wastewater treatment plant to meet the most stringent national standards for wastewater discharge and also produce high quality recycled water.

The recycled water will be suitable for reuse in a number of non-potable applications, such as landscaping, parks and golf-course irrigation, as well as in various industrial applications such as cooling water, dust control and construction activities. The recycled water from the plant hence provides an additional source of water, reducing overall demand on fresh water and alleviating water scarcity challenges in northern China.