Karachi cantonment plans 2 MGD desalination stopgap

Karachi’s Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) is planning to establish a 2 MGD (9,000 m³/d) reverse-osmosis desalination plant to mitigate some of the 7 MGD (32,000 m³/d) water shortage in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA), CBC CEO Muhammad Hayat Mahr told a meeting in the Pakistan capital on 23 June 2010.

The shortage is caused by the continuing non-functional state of the DHA Cogen desalination plant despite the announcement last August that the plant had been repaired and recommissioned. Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Administrator Brig Khalid Tirmizi told the meeting that, due to inevitable technical impediments, the plant was presently non-functional.

He said the DHA would do its best to get the desalination plant revived at the earliest. The DHA secretary informed the meeting that the DHA Cogen Plant recently became non-functional due to a technical problem in the plant’s compressor.