Joint venture aims to treat Texas frac water

A joint venture to treat brackish/produced water sources has been set up in Texas by STW Resources Holding Corp and CK Investments Energy Company (CKI).

The venture is looking to commission a proprietary brackish/produced-water processing facility in the Permian and Delawater basins of West Texas.

CKI is an energy investment company with major holdings including B&K Trucking (BKT), a major water transportation and frac-tank rental company with operations throughout the Permian and Delaware Basins of West Texas.

BKT’s customer base includes many of the major oil companies, and the company has a strong working relationship with the largest oil producer in the state. BKT’s water transportation is engaged in transporting both fresh and brine water for oilfield uses such as drilling and hydraulic fracturing.

Clayton Kennedy, CEO of CKI, stated, “This agreement and our partnership with STW Resources will allow our oil company customers to continue drilling and fracking oil and gas wells while preserving our fresh water aquifers. STW Resources’ technology provides an environmentally friendly solution to the water issues facing the oil and gas industry.”

There are over 800,000 billion gallons of water in the salty aquifers of Texas. STW Resources, which offers thermal evaporation, reverse osmosis and membrane bioreactor systems, will process approximately 840,000-1,260,000 GPD (3,180-4,770 m³/d).