Jakarta water company to tender three UF plants

The Jakarta regional water supply company PAM Jaya is to tender three ultrafiltration (UF) water treatment plants in July/August 2011.

Local media quoted Mauritz Napitupulu, CEO of PAM Jaya, on 29 March 2011 as saying that, in the next few years, Jakarta would have a shortage of potable water. According to the Jakarta environmental management agency BPLHD, the quality of the city’s river water is unfit for consumption.

Using UF, said Napitupulu, PDAM Jaya could process this river water into clean water. This process would start with abstractions from Pejompongan, Central Jakarta. Other locations it could be used at were West Flood Canal, Cengkareng Drain, Krukut River and Pesanggrahan River.

“The three (water treatment) centers can produce 4,500 L/s of clean water,” said Napitupulu. “The tender plan is in July or August, so they can be operational by the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.”

The water will reportedly be priced at Rp 1,500 (US$ 0.17) per m³.