Israel/Canada pact to promote wastewater reuse

Israel and Canada are to work together on wastewater reuse following a ministerial meeting on 9 December 2012 in Jerusalem.

Dr Uzi Landau, minister of energy and water for Israel met Canada’s environment minister, Peter Kent, to discuss a variety of political economic and environmental issues. They agreed to advance the United Nations resolution to double the percentage of wastewater reused around the world.

Landau briefed Kent on the efforts invested by Israel in improving the environment, with an emphasis on water.

“Israel is a world record holder in reusing treated sewage water for irrigation. Some 90% of our sewage is treated, and 75% of this is reused for agriculture. We use the little water we have twice,” he said.

Kent responded, “It would be great if we could work together to promote the subject, with an emphasis on assistance to third world countries.”

Canada supported Israel in the UN recently by voting against the Palestinian bid for UN non-member observer status, which was nevertheless carried.