Interest invited for Oman’s Quriyyat desalination project

The Oman Power & Water Procurement Company (OPWP) has issued a notice in advance of a formal government request for qualification for its next independent water project (IWP) in Quriyyat, south of Muscat.

OPWP wants expressions of interest from developers interested in the Quriyyat seawater desalination plant, which will be on a greenfield site and have a capacity of 40 MIGD (180,000 m³/d).

Companies with a proven record in similar projects are asked to submit a formal letter to OPWP to register their interest, which can be done by email to [email protected], by fax or by post.

This will be Oman’s third IWP following similar desalination projects at Sur (finished in 2009) and Al Ghubrah, for which the contract was awarded in November 2012.