Full details of the courses to be presented in the next session of the International Desalination Association (IDA) Academy in March 2013 have been published on the IDA website.

The Academy session will be at the Grand Miramare Hotel, Santa Margherita, Italy, on 19-22 March 2013.

The course is split into three modules:

1. An Introduction to Desalination and its Technologies
2. A choice of: Seawater Reverse Osmosis; or Thermal Distillation
3. A choice of: Environmental Aspects of Desalination Technologies; or Remineralisation and Management & Economics.

Lecturers will be:

Module 1: Leon Awerbuch and Mark Wilf
Module 2: (SWRO) Mark Wilf; (Thermal) Leon Awerbuch/Dr Corrado Sommeriva
Module 3: (Environment) Dr Sabine Lattemann; (Remin/Manag) Dr Roberto Bossani/Dr Corrado Sommeriva.

The complete programme is downloadable as a pdf file from the IDA website.