IDA Newsletter goes electronic

The International Desalination Association has just published the first issue of its IDA Newsletter, the March/April 2011 issue, in electronic format. This version will be sent to IDA members directly every two months.

A printed newsletter will still be mailed to members for another year or so, says IDA secretary- general Patricia Burke.

“Like everyone we are concerned with the unnecessary printing and want to provide the option of ‘greener’ publications when possible,” she says “We have opted to not print many other communications and gone to providing links. We hope members will see the value and efficiency of this format.”

This new electronic version of the newsletter features a unique page-turning functionality that mimics the printed publication. Readers can interact with content in many ways, including online links and language translation.

In upcoming membership renewal invoices, members will be asked to confirm if they want to continue receiving a printed copy of the newsletter.