IDA chooses Singapore week to launch desalination academy

The International Desalination Association’s (IDA) newly established Desalination Academy is to be formally launched in conjunction with Singapore International Water Week, 1- 5 July 2012.

Additional programs are being planned, with one of the sessions to coincide with the Saudi Water & Power Forum in Jeddah in December 


“The academy will be the premier coordinating school for specialized training in desalination and a higher school for special study in this field,” said Corrado Sommariva, president of IDA.

“It will be a school without geographic boundaries – a global learning establishment for the advancement of desalination knowledge,” Sommariva added. “It will be distinguished from other programs by a variety of factors including its global reach, roster of master instructors, comprehensive curriculum, and plans for certification and accreditation,”.

The mission of the academy is to provide the highest level of training, education and instruction to individuals, utilities, companies, institutions, universities and other organizations interested in desalination in all its aspects.

“Our vision is that the academy will be the world’s foremost source for professional training and continuing education on desalination and water reuse. It is a major undertaking that has the full support of our leadership,” noted Patricia Burke, IDA’s secretary general.

Courses will cover detailed exploration of desalination technologies and processes; desalination economics; sustainability and green desalination strategies; and future, innovative and developing technologies. In addition, the Academy will offer a more basic course for water industry professionals or other interested parties who wish to gain a better understanding about desalination.

“As our industry continues to expand and prosper, so does the need to provide high level, continuing education to all stakeholders,” Burke added

. “From plant operators to senior level executives and from seasoned veterans to those new to the industry – all stand to benefit from expanded knowledge. IDA – the global hub of information for the world’s desalination community – is in a unique position to meet this need.”

Further information will be available on the IDA website.