Hydranautics wins Adelaide membrane contract

Desalination membranes for the Adelaide desalination plant, located at Port Stanvac in South Australia, are to be supplied by Nitto Denko/Denko for both the first and second phases.

The California-based manufacturer will be supplying SWC5 MAX, SWC6 and ESPA 2 MAX elements under a contract announced on 21 April 2010.

The plant has a hybrid seawater element design, where two types of seawater elements are staged in the same vessel. This novel design will ensure that the product water will meet the specifications of less than 80 ppm chloride, 0.2 ppm bromide and 0.5 ppm boron, while operating at the lowest possible energy consumption.

The first phase of the plant is scheduled to begin operating in December 2010 at a rate of 150,000 m³/d. The plant will be expanded to twice that amount by the end of 2012.